Tips for Fishing in Salt Water

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Fishing will always be challenging regardless of where you fish. However for a successful and enjoyable experience on the salt waters, there are several simple tips that will help along the way.

First, you need to make sure you are licensed to fish before you begin. This is true regardless of where you fish. Check the fishing regulations for the state or country you are in.

Your boat is your most important “tool” for a salt water fishing trip. The size of the vessel you need will be determined by how many people intend to come along with you.

Many of those who enjoy fishing in shore opt for a boat roughly fifteen feet in length. These usually have a built-in shelter for protection from storms and gusty winds. The boat you select should be light but able to withstand waves and a strong current.

You can bring different types of lines depending on types of fish you hope to catch. A cod-line is useful if you are planning to go “down below” at any time. If you want to catch different fish, make sure you have brought the correct line.

If you have never fished in a particular area before why not try consulting the locals? They should be able to tell you the best spots to cast your line. Short of that, practice will help you will find the best fishing locations. Too many anglers fall into the trap of moving to different spots frequently without waiting long enough to allow the fish to come near; constant movement may, in fact, scare the fish away. The most useful “skill” you need to employ on the water is patience. Once you have located a good fish spot, give the fish time to be lured, and then do your utmost to land them.

The best tide to fish on is the ebb, and the best time for this is in the morning – the earlier the better. This will help you to maximize your catch. And if you get the benefit of good wind direction, you will be home quickly after your fishing trip.

Fish the edges of your location. Never drop your line straight down the middle, as that will startle the fish. By fishing the sides you can draw the fish to the center and increase your chances of landing them.

It is wise to fish from the shallowest water to the deepest. And if you are having no success, try changing bait. You might be pleasantly surprised at the results.

On occasion, sharks can interrupt your fishing by frightening other fish away. However don’t let them scare you away! If you find you are having a problem with sharks, try rolling up a newspaper soaked in fish blood, then throw it overboard. The sharks will generally follow the current with the trail of blood and leave you alone.

By following these simple tips, you should be able to enjoy a great fishing adventure on the salt waters.

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